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We specialize in small to large diameter wheels like  18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch, 30 inch & 32 inch wheels. We stock brands of wheels and rims from some of the biggest names in the wheel industry.

Some of those brands include 1AV Wheels, AXE Wheels, AXE Compression Forged Rims, Elure Wheels, Gima Wheels, Hardcore Off-road Wheels, Hostile Wheels, Hostile Forged Wheels, K9 Wheels, Massiv Wheels, OE Replica Wheels, GM Replicas Rims, Ravetti Wheels, RBP OFF-Road Wheels, RBP Forged Off-Road Rims, RBP Dually Forged Off-Road Rims, Savini Wheels, Scorpion Off-Road Wheels, Starr Wheels, VCT Wheels and Xtreme Mudder XM Wheels.

WE CAN SPECIAL ORDER BRANDS LIKE: Diablo Wheels, Gianna Wheels, Tuff AT Wheels, Ruff Racing Wheels, Status Wheels, Rohana Wheels, Vossen Wheels, XO Wheels, 2 Crave wheels, II Crave Wheels,  MHT Wheels, Fuel Wheels, Foose Wheels, Niche Rims, MKW Wheels, Amani Forged Wheels, Savini Forged Wheels, XD Wheels, Lexani Wheels and TSW Wheels, to name a few. We can special order almost every brand available, so call us if there is a brand that is not listed here. 

We hand pick the product we stock and look for the highest quality product at the most reasonable price. This helps keep our prices low and warranty problems even lower. Our warranty returns each year are less than 1% of our sales. Price is not anything if you are having problems with the product. The fewer problems you have with our product means the more time you will have to sell our product and make more profit. The few warranty claims that we do have are handled very fast, because we believe that great customer service is the key to success.

Thanks to our loyal customers, we have become very successful in the wheel and tire industry. Our company has over 25 years’ experience in the wheel and tire industry, and we have learned from every mistake over the years to help us be the most knowledgeable distributor in the business. We have put wheels on just about every make and model vehicle on the road. So, give us a chance to earn your business, if we are not currently supplying your company with wheels and tires. We are the wheel and tire specialist.

 Call us and we will help you become specialist too!

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AX Compression Forged Wheels 2.1
RBP Wheels Spike
Hardcore Wheels HC108
AXE Compression Forged Wheels AX 1.2
Hostile Wheels H109
Scorpion Wheels SC28